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This is hugely delayed, but here it is: time!


“Got your voicemail about the new subject.  Thought it was strange you chose to use an herb, but I’m sure you said thyme.”

“Race Against Thyme”

“Thyme Travel”

“Just Killing Thyme”

“Thyme On My Hands”


“Rose’s Lament”


Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower from Bernal Hill, Lubitel 166+,  120 film

Andrew D:

“35mm film shot using a piece of cardboard to make the circular image.”


Shot on Diana F+ with 120 film, light leaks.

“It’s much more apparent when there’s no one else in the house, and light is slowly fading and slipping behind the hill and the ringing in your ears rises up in a sudden wave.  You feel so still and like this could go on forever but it won’t.  Soon you’ll forget, soon you’ll be talking and laughing or sleeping quietly in your dark room.”

Thanks for the great submissions and again, sorry for the delayed post.

Next theme: Words.

As far as deadline, let’s aim for two or three weeks? Let me know if you need more time.  Send submissions and questions to:



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