“Efes is located in Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city, and later a major city in the Roman Empire. This facade is of the Library of Celsus, which was built ca. 125 AD and once held nearly 12,000 scrolls. The building faces east so the reading rooms can make best use of the morning light. [wikipedia]. I thought to submit this for the theme of ‘skeletons’ could be an interesting way to reflect on how, like bones which make up a skeleton, old ruins hold together memories and histories beyond our lives. Just as a skeleton might lead to clues or questions, ruins take us out of who we are. I always try to envision how it might have looked once, with people bustling in and out.”


“Not quite a Skeleton, but close.  This is a shot of a shadow at the De Young in 2007.”


” This theme was perfect because i’ve been really into anatomical drawings lately.”  I want to see more!


“It’s a mix of “skeletons” we’ve found while hiking on volcanoes recently. Including an actual animal skeleton with a jaw bone larger than my head, that we stumbled upon.  Exploring decommissioned logging routes.  Alone. *shudder*  It was creepy.”  


“This is in The Washington National Cathedral. Speciffically pictured is the tomb of Hellen Keller and Anne Sullivan. There were a lot of bodies and ashes (I’m pretty sure they were cremated) down in the cattecombs but it was surprisingly not creepy, it was very serene and incredibly beautiful.”




“Black Fallen Mercenary”



“Dingo Star”, shot in Mumbai, India.



“Went with a Mexican folkloric angle this week. My rendition = sketchy, but fun to draw.”


Handmade skeleton earrings. You should sell those on Etsy, L.


I don’t usually like to post old work, but this was very fitting.  Photo of a Polaroid 690 shot with my Landcamera at Bombay Beach, Salton Sea.


“Vintage rubber stamps for use by medical students atop altered preprinted paper.”


“Medium: pen, ink, and love.”

“Claire y James”


” I saw this old sign on the main street here in Escondido and immediately thought of your art blog.  After shooting a few frames, I felt like I captured what I saw in my mind’s eye. The engineer in me was taken by the supports and frame work while the actual sign or skin was long gone.”

Thank you so much for all these great submissions, I couldn’t have hoped for a better Art Takes revival.

The theme for next time is “Home”.  Let’s try two weeks from now as the cutoff point.




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4 responses to “Skeletons

  1. Love the submissions this week! So much great stuff.

  2. Pat Conger

    Who knew that there could be such a large variation on the subject. Loved it.

  3. Joel Rinaldi

    These are really great! Can’t wait for the next.

  4. oooh, these are great!
    that last one especially tickled me.
    awesome work, everyone!

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