What’s this all about?

Hi everyone,

I’ve always found it hard to be consistent about sticking with art projects as I tend to go through very creative phases, only to see my motivation slump after a week or so.  But it’s much easier when I have others willing to create along with me.  That being said,  this blog is not about me or my art.  It’s about us – the collaborators.

How it works:

1. I post an example of our theme/inspiration.  This may range from everyday objects to an illustration of a certain art technique.

2. We each work on our version for a specified amount of time  (a week or two?) using various medias: paint, clay, film, food, cloth, digital means, ink, anything and everything. This could even take on non-visual forms such as writing or music! Use your imagination, there are really no limits.  That’s the point of art isn’t it?

3. Submit a photo,  scan or file to me by the deadline.   I’ll post them the following day  so we can see the results all at once.

Please help me by making suggestions so we  can make the most of this concept more quickly.  I can’t wait to see all the awesome things that we’re going to come up with.

– Erin



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2 responses to “What’s this all about?

  1. Elyse

    this is brillant! im in love with this idea! i wanna art!

  2. E Mjelde

    This is really cool! I’m totally willing to create stuff and i have a bunch of art friends I’m going to tell!

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